Manufacturer Product Safety Checks / inspection 31/1/2019

Manufacturer Product Safety Checks / inspection 31/1/2019

The European Ropes Course Association has sent out emails this week containing important information on products from ART and Edelrid. Below there is also links to recent RAPEX Reports testing PPE that has been found to be too weak and could potentially cause falls from height.

Here is the original email:

ERCA received important information related to safety, which we would like to share.
Please follow the hyperlinks below to get detailed information and to read the 
original notice:

A) Call for inspection/ safety check for the products:

B) Other Products
The European Consumer Safety Agency reported about products which do NOT comply with the requirements of the PPE directive and/or relevant EN standards. In all reported cases the breaking strength is too weak which could cause falls from height or could lead to injuries. The latest reports can be found at RAPEX - Rapid Alert System or following direct hyperlinks:

Please Note:
The aim of releasing ERCA notices is to disseminate up to date information which will help to avoid accidents on ropes courses. We are committed to providing unbiased information about the sequence of events and the causes of accidents. We are neither in the position to, nor do we have the intention of, undertaking in-depth on-the-spot investigations.