Beal Booster III 9.7mm Golden Dry Dynamic Rope

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Compact, supple and ultra-lightweight, this rope - the pioneer of thinner ropes - fits everywhere. Equipped with UNICORE technology, it provides high levels of abrasion resistance for experienced climbers.

This rope, despite not being the thinnest in the range, is still not for the beginner. Take account of the need for careful choice of belaying technique.

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  • A good compromise between weight, suppleness, feel, strength.
  • Low impact force.
  • High number of falls.
  • Has the advantages of UNICORE technology.

Tech Specs

  • 9.7mm diameter
  • 60 metre length
  • Golden Dry treatment
  • Single rope
  • Impact force - 7.3kN
  • Number of falls - 8
  • Sheath - 42%
  • Weight per metre - 61g
  • Sharpe edge resistance

Conformity and Certification

Click here to link to Beal website and access technical documents