DMM 10mm Steel Oval Carabiner - C452

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Compact, strong and hard wearing yet incredibly versatile in application. The DMM oval carabiner's shape centralises loaded connectors, slings, pulleys etc. minimising the unnerving jumping of equipment associated with D shaped connectors.


  • Oval for symmetry ; shape allows central positioning of devices
  • Cold forged

Tech Specs

  • For Screwgate only - See DMM site for more info
  • Product Code: C452
  • Colour: Light Gold
  • MBS (Major Axis): 30kN
  • MBS (Minor Axis): 9kN
  • MBS (Gate Open): 10kN
  • Dimensions: 56 x 106mm
    Weight: 172g
  • Gate Opening (X): 16mm
  • Conformance: EN 362:2004 B/T, EN12275:2013 B
  • Conformity and Certification

    Click here to link to DMM website and access technical documents