DMM Alloy Offset Set 7-11

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Alloy Offsets protect irregular and flared cracks that regular nuts cannot. Every size of Alloy Offset has a robust 12kN strength rating. The wires they are mounted on are set into a recess to reduce wear, while larger sizes have holes that reduce weight. Use in conjunction with Wallnuts for comprehensive all season crack protection.


  • Assymetrical taper gives stable placements in offset cracks
  • Allows placement in two orientations for increased versitility
  • Grooved faces improve security in irregular rock
  • Colour coded for easy size identification
  • Passive protection works in wet and icy conditions.


Tech Specs

Name Code Colour Strength Weight Range Conformance
HB Alloy Offset 7 A1817A Gold 12kN 27g 12.0 / 15.1mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 8 A1818A Blue 12kN 30g 13.5 / 17.9mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 9 A1819A Red 12kN 37g 17.1 / 21.4mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 10 A1820A Grey 12kN 45g 19.4 / 25.1mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 11 A1821A Turquoise 12kN 56g 23.2 / 30.0mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset Set 7-11 A1817/21A Assorted 195g EN 12270:2013


Conformity and Certification

Click here to link to DMM website and access technical documents