DMM Shadow Locking Carabiner - A302

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The Shadow strikes an ideal balance between low weight and useability. Weighing just 50 grams thanks to I-Beam construction, you can carry several Shadows before the weight starts to tell. Despite low weight, it is big enough to use in winter with gloves on. A locking carabiner for all situations.


  • Personal Locking Carabiner for versatility and low weight
  • Offset D carabiner for optimal loading and ergonomics
  • Keylock nose eliminates snagging
  • I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio

Gate Options

  • Screwgate - Non auto-locking gate which requires two actions to open, and is easy to use with one hand. Screwgates are suitable in systems where anchor points can be easily monitored and are unlikely to be affected by running ropes.
  • Locksafe - An auto-locking gate requiring three separate actions to open. Locksafe gates give extra security in complex rigging systems such as those featuring running ropes or remote anchor points.
  • Kwiklock - Auto-locking gate requiring two separate actions to open. Kwiklock gates are suitable when auto-locking gates are a necessity, but rigging systems are relatively static and anchor points are easy to monitor.

Tech Spec

Specs for Screwgate option only - visit DMM website for more info -

MBS (Major Axis): 24kN
MBS (Minor Axis): 7kN
MBS (Gate Open): 9kN
Dimensions: 62 x 102mm
Weight: 50g
Gate Opening (X):18mm
Conformance:EN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:2013 B

Conformity and Certification

Click here to link to DMM website and access technical documents